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The MARIO Framework and Dr. Katie Novak

We’ve teamed up with world-renowned Universal Design for Learning (UDL) leader Katie Novak to ensure UDL is effectively embedded throughout our framework.



Measure the efficacy of your instruction and continuously improve student learning with tools and insights that matter.



All students have the capability to do things that will amaze us. You can help students set and achieve high expectations.


Research Informed

Interdisciplinary research is woven together to create the most current resources possible for you to use in the classroom and at home.



Strive to continually improve. Use recent research, your own data, and student reflections to ideate your work with learners.



The most meaningful learning becomes possible when students talk and teachers (and parents) listen.


Global reach: MARIO practitioners in over 25 countries.


Our unique intervention closes the GPA achievement gap by 27%.*


The MARIO Approach is rated in the top 5% of educational interventions.*

Group 100

According to the Ohio State University Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy Scale, graduates from our certification courses have improved their sense of self-efficacy by over 10% on average.

I enjoyed the self-paced learning aspect of the course. I liked that projects were flexible and the rubric was clear. It is always nice to do a course that is instantly relatable and where aspects can be put into practice immediately. I found I do a lot of what was presented in the framework but in a less organised way and this course really helped me to reflect on what I am doing and how I can make it better.


Interacting with colleagues from around the world was eye-opening. MARIO’s use of the Packback platform was really engaging. The ability to review each other’s work anonymously provided me with powerful feedback. Overall I found MARIO certification one course to be engaging, chock full of research, and evidence-based practice.


The course was fast-paced and hard work, but the way the units built on each other made sense, and I really appreciate how we as course participants were effectively being put through the paces that the students will go through.


The framework’s holistic approach to personalized learning that incorporates metacognition, social-emotional learning, executive function, academic, and study skills stood out to me. The focus on one-to-one sessions/conferences is also excellent.


I found the MARIO Framework very purposeful, intentional, and easy to apply to my own context.


Convincing other colleagues and my administrators the irrefutable benefits of practices such as students tracking their own learning progress, teaching about metacognition and growth mindset, allowing for more student choice, SEL and EF practices, and creating more personalized learning plans would not have been possible without the MARIO Framework.


I found the weekly Packback discussions to be most helpful as the feedback I obtained gave me ideas and focused my thinking. Not only did the feedback help, but the opportunity to provide feedback to others allowed me to reflect on my school’s policies, philosophy and practices.


I now trust that students can achieve a goal and be in charge of their learning, and know that taking time to do so was a good use of time.


I like that the framework allows the structure of our LAS class to be student driven with guidance from the teacher and the ability to develop deeper relationships with our students, all while defining a bigger purpose for their education. I also like the movement from teacher-driven special education to Personalized Student Driven Plans. This piece is a wonderful addition to the students’ self-awareness and preparation for independence post high school.


My students are at times disengaged or disruptive. The MARIO 1:1 sessions and high-impact strategies allow me to guide them through goal setting and introduce a range of strategies that might help them grow in confidence and competence.


The MARIO Framework could reinvigorate a Learning Support department at a school.


Throughout this process I actually felt like I was being listened to. I never once received a robotic reply to my queries. I received heartfelt, supportive and, most importantly, encouraging instant replies from the MARIO professionals. Acknowledging and understanding one’s struggles had the biggest impact on me.


I feel the Packback discussion feature of the course was a wonderful option and kept the discussions informed and on target.


I really enjoyed engaging with each of the course modules. They are clear and well-written. Thank you for putting in so much thought into making them easily accessible asynchronously with accompanied videos. I also appreciated the opportunity to connect with other colleagues via Zoom. I wish those could have been more frequent. I enjoyed getting peer-reviews in a structured way, this was a new experience for me.


The feedback from MARIO is very relevant and fulfilling to my current position which is important in choosing professional development opportunities.


The way that the framework empowers learners to engage and take ownership in their learning journey is the best thing about the MARIO Framework.


The research that backs up the approach is fascinating and helpful, as are the one-to-one videos.


It has helped me provide structure to my LS classroom using researched-based interventions.


*Our study on The MARIO Framework has been published in NASEN’s Support for Learning journal. Read the full study here.

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What MARIO Means for Your Child

Students with a MARIO Educator benefit from one-to-one coaching, personalized learning plans, and ongoing evaluation and feedback meant just for them. Collaborate as a valued member of the team preparing your child for a future they design.

Your child will have long-term academic improvement.

You are a key player in your child’s education.

The educator’s work is deeply rooted in research.

Your child will have personalized learning opportunities.


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