In partnership with the East Asia Regional Council of Schools, we are pleased to announce the MARIO Scholarship Fund!

EARCOS inspires adult and student learning through its leadership and service and fosters intercultural understanding, global citizenship and exceptional educational practices within our learning community.

Recognizing their mission to “provide targeted and differentiated professional development opportunities” and “advance the professional growth and welfare of individuals belonging to the educational staff of member schools”, EARCOS has teamed up with MARIO to make accessible learning a reality. In the 2021-2022 school year, this award will enable numerous in-need educators and assistants to learn the most effective teaching practices through the MARIO Framework.

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Rolling Application
The scholarship selection process is needs-based; special educators and assistants who are unable to access sufficient professional development funds at their respective EARCOS-member schools are highly encouraged to apply. Those interested in the MARIO Scholarship fund can apply for this opportunity through the MARIO Scholarship Fund Application, which can be found below. Questions and inquiries regarding this scholarship may be directed to [email protected]