We believe that every student with a learning difference deserves access to a learning support class that provides them with the tools and skills necessary to understand themselves better and help unlock their full potential.

Unfortunately, not all schools offer a stand-alone learning support class designed for students with learning differences and the classes that do exist are often uninspiring. Academic support lessons and helping students with their homework are nice services, but they should only form one small component of an effective learning support program.

This is often the only time in their lives that students with learning differences have the opportunity to work with highly trained Special Education teachers that can help them navigate their specialized issues in a meaningful way.

The MARIO Framework is committed to shifting the current learning support paradigm by helping build learning support classes that are measured, ambitious, research-based, personalized, and structured around one-to-one learning.

To achieve our vision of students exceeding their potential, we are providing in-depth professional development for both teachers and schools that delivers on the promise of personalized learning support classes.
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