Provide your students and school with an advantage by establishing an effective MARIO learning support classroom that has one-to-one learning and research-based strategies at its core. Philip Bowman will spend two to four days with your team, on-site, to facilitate training and create an effective structure for your MARIO classrooms. Ongoing support will be provided during the first semester of implementation via video-conferencing. Throughout the process, we will help monitor progress. At the end of the first semester, Philip will facilitate a review of the initial roll-out and suggest multiple pathways forward. This review can be done as a site-visit or long-distance. Philip will continue providing ongoing support and will finish the year with another site visit and comprehensive evaluation that explores progress and plans for the future. Build A MARIO Program Request a Quote Philip Bowman will explore current practices at your school and look for existing strengths to leverage. If your team feels they are ready for the next level, he can help build an effective learning support class structure and provide initial training for its implementation. In some cases, it might be more appropriate to build team efficacy and explore future possibilities. Regardless, we believe that ongoing support and coaching, via video-conferencing, is an invaluable addition. On-Site Consultation with Ongoing Support Request a Quote Gain a solid understanding of the MARIO Framework. We will provide initial training to get the program started at your school. Alternatively, this workshop can be run at a professional development event geared towards multiple schools. Workshop Options Request a Quote MARIO Classroom
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