Philip Bowman Founder of the
MARIO Framework
Learning Support Teacher

Philip Bowman & The MARIO Framework Philip is a high school learning support teacher with over thirteen years of experience helping students reach goals they once thought were impossible. Philip's personal experiences with ADHD and his varied background in science, research, liberal arts, special education, motivation, mindfulness, and video games, have informed an empathetic and playful approach to learning support. His classes leverage the unique strengths of every individual while simultaneously building their sense of self-efficacy and agency.

Eight years ago, International School Bangkok hired Philip to help overhaul their high school learning support program. Improvements included effective in-class support, but it was support outside of core content areas that provided the most significant gains for students. Creating effective and progressive learning support classes, that maximize student growth and independence, became a passion project for Philip that continues today.

Soon after arriving in Asia, Philip was invited to co-found the Thailand chapter of the Special Education Network and Inclusion Association (SENIA). He has been working with learning support teachers across the world to identify and share promising learning support practices and strategies. After years of experimentation, the MARIO Framework incorporates the best of these resources into a free and flexible framework that allows any teacher to build their ideal learning support classroom while simultaneously sharing their resources to increase the professional capacity of other teachers.

Philip believes that collaboration is the key to taking learning support services to the next level. In addition to unpacking the MARIO Framework at several upcoming conferences and workshops this year, Philip is looking for a core group of teachers to pilot the framework at their schools and provide meaningful feedback. If teachers are not able to pilot the framework, they can still make an impact through discovering and sharing learning support protocols and resources that work.

Are you interested in teaming up with Philip Bowman or having him work with support services at your school? Although Philip teaches full time at International School Bangkok, he can be contracted during his off time to facilitate intensive professional development. His primary focus is empowering learning support teams to run dedicated support classes based off of the MARIO Framework. He is also comfortable running professional development sessions around the topics of mentoring and using student feedback to improve future teaching practices.

Are you interested in having Philip Bowman consult with you or your team? Do you have a question, suggestion, or comment for Philip?