Student Support Plans The Foundation of Learning Support Classes We know that the first step in any effective learning support classroom is to create or update Individual Education Plans and Student Support Plans. These plans will allow students to better understand themselves as learners, advocate for their own needs, and identify goals and objectives for the year. Only after students have completed their Student Support Plans, typically after two to four weeks, should the daily class structure provided by the MARIO Framework be put into practice. The modules of the MARIO Framework are intended to make Student Support Plans more achievable and provide consistent opportunities for evaluating and updating progress. One-to-one conferences, one-to-one sessions, and enrichment modules are all great opportunities for reflection and revision. Discover & Share
Student Support Plan Templates
Student Created Support Plans More Than an IEP Many of our students have an Individualized Education Plan that is created by a comprehensive learning support team. We suggest that every student in a learning support class also create a Student Support Plan. While the two plans look incredibly similar, the primary distinction is that the student creates the support plan by themselves. This ownership allows for a better understanding of themselves and provides extra meaning and buy-in towards achieving their goals. Of course, teachers can guide students as they work on their support plans and provide more scaffolding and support for particular individuals that need additional assistance. Download a Sample Student Support Plan Template


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