A basic, yet effective, class starter that builds community and starts meaningful conversations. Opening Questions STARTER If you are looking for something easy to implement, start with the small offering of plug and play learning playlists that are ready to use and modify. Have students design their own playlists for a challenging, but potentially more rewarding, option. Design Your Own PLAYLISTS Plug & Play Answer four questions and we'll build you a custom structure. Alternatively, you can explore a balanced high school class structure designed for a small class with ample time. Example Structure Build STRUCTURE Review a sample syllabus and overview to get a better understanding of what the program looks like and borrow some ideas for your classroom. Example Syllabus SYLLABUS While you might eventually choose to build your own conference rubric, here is one to start with. We recommend students self-evaluate first and then explain their present levels of performance to you. This is a chance for you to address misconceptions, praise progress, provide feedback, coach plan building, raise expectations, and increase self-efficacy and self-esteem. We've also given you some ideas for guided notes to help structure your smaller sessions and a Trello template for students to use after each session to better own their learning. Example Session Templates 1-to-1 Conference Rubric Trello Template Semester plans will usually vary widely from teacher to teacher, but it might help to see an example schedule. Example Schedule SCHEDULE This is an opportunity to make your class stand out. These basic protocols aren't the flashiest, but they will get you started. Keep in mind that this is an extremely flexible module that can be used in a number of different ways. Some programs might even decide to cut this module out altogether. Tuesday Talks ENRICHMENT Mindfulness Mondays Study Skills Wednesdays Social Skills Friday We believe all MARIO Classrooms should start with student created support plans. We've provided you with a template to get you started. Instead of an example student support plan, you also have access to an example teacher support plan that can be used to model the plan. Example TSP SSP Template SUPPORT We know that learning and feedback should drive instruction and I've shared an example evaluation form I use to measure impact and reiterate the program in my classroom. We will also have an official program evaluation that is coming soon. Program Evaluation Classroom Evaluation FEEDBACK A quick way for students to make more meaning in their classroom and for you to better understand your impact. Final Thoughts CLOSER Start Here Start Here We have provided a set of resources to help you set up your first MARIO Classroom. Feel free to use and modify what works for you and ignore what doesn't. We have provided a set of resources to help you set up your first MARIO Classroom. Feel free to use and modify what works for you and ignore what doesn't. Training Center Available to MARIO Framework Schools, Teachers Enrolled in Courses, & Workshop Participants We want as many students as possible to benefit from the MARIO Framework. For this reason, we offer a variety of ways to get started. PILOT THE FRAMEWORK