Measuring Impact Critical to Everyone's Success In his seminal work, Visible Thinking for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning, John A.C. Hattie wrote that “those teachers who are students of their own impact are the teachers who are the most influential in raising students’ achievement.” It is paramount to the growth and success of your program, and ours, that you measure your impact in a consistent and meaningful way. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to measure the impact of the MARIO Framework in your classroom and find ways to further improve your classroom experience. Sign-up below and register to join a cohort in a course that is dedicated to measuring and maximizing the impact of the MARIO Framework in your classroom Learn More Measuring Impact The More Often the Better Hopefully, you already have your students fill out an anonymous teacher feedback form at the end of every semester. We know this helps evaluate our instruction and inform future approaches to teaching. Do you also have systems in place that give your students regular opportunities to provide feedback throughout the semester? If you do, we'd love for you to share your approaches to regularly gathering student achievement and feedback. If you don't do this yet, we highly recommend adopting and adapting some of the resources that are already shared. Discover and Share Resources to
Measure Impact


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