Understanding and Setting Up the MARIO Framework

March 7th – May 16th

Change is more profound
when it comes from within.

The highly innovative and personalized MARIO 101 course will help participants create a wide range of customized tools and strategies that will assist them in confidently launching or upgrading their personalized special education approach. Participants will gain a greater understanding of the MARIO Framework, learn how to weave highly effective research-informed teaching strategies into their classroom, build individual components of their class that will flexibly fit within a broader structure, and develop thoughtful plans for successful implementation and improvement.

Participants will connect with other educators piloting, or planning to pilot, the MARIO Framework at their schools and engage in powerful weekly discussions that are inquiry-based and enriched through the use of Packback. Learners will create tools to use the framework within their particular context by selecting their assignments from a wide range of available projects or creating their own. In addition to instructor feedback, Peerceptiv software is utilized to help participants assess and give meaningful feedback to each other.

Unlike most online courses, participants will also have the opportunity to meet with their instructor via optional one-to-one video calls multiple times throughout the course. This is an invaluable way to address the issues that matter most to each learner.

Understanding and Setting Up the MARIO Framework is the first MARIO course and leads to certification as an official MARIO Level 1 Educator. After successful completion of the course, learners will be awarded six continuing education units (CEUs). Additionally, participants are eligible to enroll with SUNY Buffalo State University to earn up to three graduate credits.

Although the MARIO Framework was originally designed to be delivered in physical classrooms, we have learned that it is a first-rate virtual learning solution. Whether you plan on working with students in the classroom, online, or in a hybrid scenario, MARIO 101 will take your professional learning to the next level.


As a teacher with 38 years of experience, I cannot recommend this course more highly. I have come to realize that a student should have more control over his/her own learning, and this philosophy is at the core of the MARIO Framework. Each component has been created to address a wide variety of student learning needs based upon extensive data collection; each comes equipped with supports already in place for teachers to access. The framework can be easily adapted to fit any school model, and I am excited to pilot the MARIO Framework at my school in the fall with the full support of my administration.
Brenda Foster

American School of Dubai

MARIO 101 starts on March 7th and finishes on May 16th.

Course registration is $900 ($200 Early Registration Discount Applied)


Designed by Expert Educators

Canvas Instructure

Delivered on one of the most trusted  learning  platforms


Six continuing education units available

Graduate Credits

Up to three optional graduate course credits available


Powerful discussions elevated through technology


Meaningful peer feedback that benefits everyone.

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