Enrichment Give Your Classroom a Unique Feel This fully customizable module of the framework allows you to add profound meaning and personality to your classes in a systematic way. The goals and delivery methods for this module are entirely up to you. For example, if you are a certified mindfulness instructor, you could deliver a mindfulness program during this time. If you want a more balanced approach, you could do something different each day like metacognitive Mondays, gamified learning challenge Tuesdays, new approaches to learning on Wednesdays and even a chance to practice social skills on Fridays. This module can be effective at building a particular skill, supporting a range of skills, and/or creating a sense of community. Enrichment You Don't Need to Re-Invent the Wheel It can be fun and exciting to develop your own curriculum and lessons, but you shouldn't always have to start from the beginning. Having teaching resources you can adapt for your classroom is a huge help. Unfortunately, resources for learning support classes are often difficult to find. The Sharing Center is a centralized location to freely share best practices and resources. We've provided everything you need to facilitate a few enrichment modules here. We hope to offer bigger and better ideas as more teachers, like yourself, get involved. Discover & Share Enrichment Resources


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