MARIO Certification

Becoming a certified MARIO Educator or Assistant means something special. You will leverage evidence-based practices to personalize learning for each student in a way that endures and sustains over time. The highly effective one-to-one learning conversations structured through the MARIO Approach provide the path to this success. You can consistently improve your impact with design thinking and tailored interventions for your context. Elevating your teaching practice as a MARIO Educator will make you stand out as you help students reach goals they once thought impossible.


Born in Real Classrooms

– Teacher Courses –

Just as you provide flexible learning opportunities for your students, we offer flexible paths to certification. You can complete your MARIO Educator Level 1 certification as separate, self-study courses or with a cohort as one comprehensive course.

Take your practice further with the MARIO Educator Level 2 course. In addition to obtaining Level 2 certification, you unlock the possibility of becoming a teacher’s assistant or instructor on future MARIO courses.


Empowering Learners

– Assistant Courses –

We believe ALL education professionals need first-class learning opportunities. Two self-study courses or one comprehensive course with a cohord lead to MARIO Assistant Level 1 certification.

Take your practice further with the MARIO Assistant Level 2 course. In addition to obtaining Level 2 certification, you unlock the possibility of becoming a Teacher Assistant or Instructor on future MARIO Assistant courses.

Listen to Our Course Participants

Bernadette Gorczyca, from International School of Amsterdam, shares what being on the MARIO Educator Certification Course is like.

Listen to Our Course Participants

Derek Pierce, from Hong Kong International School, shares why you should become a MARIO Educator.

Listen to Our Course Participants

Shekufeh Monadjem, from International School Kenya, shares why the MARIO Educator Course is just what she was looking for.

Listen to Our Course Participants

Gerald Samuels, from Fairgreen International, shares why the MARIO Educator Course is so powerful.

Course Testimonials


“I took the MARIO Certification course as an upper elementary school educator. The Mario Framework uses high-impact strategies backed up by evidence-based research. The course supported me to grow my teacher toolbox with high-impact strategies that will help move learning forward at an accelerated rate for students. Frequent conferencing and reflection are helping my students become more intrinsically motivated to work on their goals.”

CASEY BLASCHKE – International School of Kenya


The MARIO course laid out a framework that puts the student at the center, emphasizes personalized learning, and teaches the students to be advocates. It’s not about reinventing student support, it’s being mindful of what matters to and is important for our learners and finding opportunities in our own context to provide these intentional, powerful approaches.”

NIKA ESPINOSA – The American International School of Johannesburg


“I absolutely would recommend MARIO to anyone looking to improve on the current practices with supporting students. The focus on empowering the students to become self-directed learners has always been the foundation of my teaching practices, but now I have a system to ensure this based on solid research and best practices.”

JASON PENDELL – Benjamin Franklin International School in Barcelona


“The MARIO course encourages us to make a lot of connections between our own practices, experiences, current research, and perspectives of our classmates. There are so many components within the framework that are backed by research and are included for the purpose of guiding students to be self-directed learners.”

MICHAEL HO – International School Bangkok


“Simply put: When I implement the MARIO Approach, there is an appreciation of being heard and trusted.”

DEREK PIERCE – Hong Kong International School

MARIO Educational Advisory Council

Led by Philip Bowman, we are a team of over fifteen special educators that are always reviewing the best research and evolving our framework as a result. Researchers and thought leaders guide our work, but we take pride in being teachers and administrators that are on the ground at the intersection of theory and practice.

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Empowering Software

Take professional learning further. Seamlessly apply the MARIO Approach and build a classroom environment that makes personalized learning manageable with MARIO for Me™ software. The intuitive design allows you to empower learners and make MTSS implementation easier and more effective.

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