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MARIO Certification Courses are designed for full-time educators and assistants. Through bite-sized instruction, project options tailored to your context, and interaction with like-minded educational professionals, our courses effectively set you up for personalized learning success!

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MARIO Certification


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What People Are Saying

See what students, parents, and educators say about their MARIO experience

I can attest to the effectiveness of what was implemented in their one-on-one sessions and conferences. My children received personalized, bespoke attention curated to their specific needs. They are applying the tools they learned in their college setting. My children are self-reliant and independently managing their lives and their education

My students have made even more progress and showed greater engagement with their learning. Students have commented that they wish all their teachers could give them a similar structure. Also, the framework provides the often-required data to show student progress, particularly to management and external agencies.

The one-to-one sessions allow for an opening of another perspective into what you are currently going through in life, and it really helps.

Is your school part of EARCOS?

In partnership with the East Asia Regional Council of Schools, we are pleased to announce the MARIO Scholarship Fund!