BALANCED A BALANCED CLASS STRUCTURE THAT EQUALLY FOCUSES ON IMPROVING SKILLS AND PROVIDING ACADEMIC SUPPORT If you have plenty of class time, this approach is extremely effective and highly recommended. If time is scarce, or you want to double down in an area, it might make more sense to choose a specialized area of focus. SELECT A BALANCED STRUCTURE SKILLS CENTERED A STRUCTURE THAT FOCUSES ON BUILDING SIGNIFICANT SKILLS AND STUDENT GROWTH This approach adds more time for students to work towards their goals but reduces or eliminates structured studying. If time is limited and your students don't have heavy academic demands, this structure is recommended. SELECT A SKILLS-CENTERED STRUCTURE ACADEMIC SUPPORT A CLASS STRUCTURE FOR STUDENTS THAT NEED SIGNIFICANT ACADEMIC SUPPORT. While we generally recommend a balanced or skills-centered class structure, it's possible that your students might need more time to devote to their class work. SELECT AN ACADEMIC SUPPORT STRUCTURE STEP ONE CHOOSE AN AREA OF FOCUS FOR YOUR CLASS STRUCTURE