2-5 STUDENTS A STRUCTURE BUILT FOR 2-5 STUDENTS IN A LEARNING SUPPORT CLASS This is the class size the MARIO Framework was originally designed for and we believe three or four students in a class is ideal. Time for one-to-one sessions tends to be ample and students can also benefit from peer support. 2-5 STUDENTS IN CLASS 6-10 STUDENTS A STRUCTURE BUILT FOR 6-10 STUDENTS IN A LEARNING SUPPORT CLASS Running a learning support classroom with six or more students is far from ideal. In this case, it's critical to have a solid plan. Our larger class structures still prioritize meaningful one-to-one sessions, but they happen less frequently. Direct support and enrichment outside of these sessions are also limited. 6-10 STUDENTS IN CLASS INDIVIDUAL STUDENTS A MENTORING AND COACHING STRUCTURE THAT EMPOWERS STUDENTS The MARIO Framework is built around one-to-one relationships and it's not surprising that this is a particularly powerful structure. Given enough time, expect more robust one-to-one sessions and the possibility of direct support outside of sessions. If these individual students aren't part of a class, it's necessary to establish consistent meeting days and times. Individual Student Structures STEP THREE IDENTIFY HOW MANY STUDENTS YOU HAVE IN CLASS