Philip Bowman Founder of the
MARIO Framework
Learning Support Teacher

Philip Bowman & The MARIO Framework Philip is a high school learning support teacher with fourteen years of experience helping students reach goals they once thought were impossible. Philip's personal experiences with ADHD and his varied background in science, research, liberal arts, special education, motivation, mindfulness, and video games, have informed an empathetic and playful approach to learning support. His classes leverage the unique strengths of every individual while simultaneously building their sense of self-efficacy and agency.

Nine years ago, International School Bangkok hired Philip to help overhaul their high school learning support program. Improvements included effective in-class support, but it was support outside of core content areas that provided the most significant gains for students. Creating effective and progressive learning support classes, that maximize student growth and independence, became a passion project for Philip that continues today. Every semester, Philip experiments with new approaches in his classroom and measures their impact. Several years ago, he trialed a one-to-one teaching approach that yielded impressive results. One-to-one teaching has become the foundation of his classes and student feedback has continued to strongly support this effective approach.

Soon after arriving in Asia, Philip was invited to co-found the Thailand chapter of the Special Education Network and Inclusion Association (SENIA). He has been working with learning support teachers across the world to identify and share promising learning support practices and strategies. Philip believes that collaboration is the key to taking learning support services to the next level and has met many inspired learning support teachers throughout the years.

The MARIO Framework provides a flexible framework that allows any teacher to create a personalized learning support classroom that is built around one-to-one learning. Just as importantly, it provides a centralized location for teachers and schools to discover and share resources that make setting up their classrooms easier and more effective. Many teachers have believed in the potential of personalized learning, but have been frustrated in the dificulty of setting up an effective program. The MARIO Framework finally empowers learning support teachers to create classes and interventions that really work.

The MARIO Board These are the innovators that are driving improvement
Exploring future pathways for the MARIO Framework

Ayla Reau Victoria Shanghai Academy Ayla is a secondary school learning support teacher currently working in Hong Kong. Ayla previously worked with Philip Bowman and has experience implementing MARIO-based classrooms. Her personal experiences have led to a passion for building resilience and self-efficacy in her students. She constantly works toward creating a learning support classroom and program that helps her students grow in all aspects of life. When not teaching, she enjoys binge-reading books, eating good food, owning far too many plants, and slow mornings with a great cup of coffee. Mike Duly St. Andrews International School Mike started his career in Special Education over thirteen years ago, in the UK, and has a Masters Degree in Special Education from Northampton University. He is currently a High School Learning Support Coordinator and is well known for his focus on student welfare and pastoral care. Mike is active both inside and outside of the classroom and regularly competes in Muay Thai boxing events. Philip Bowman International School Bangkok Philip is the Founder of the MARIO Framework and a committed practitioner and proponent of one-to-one teaching. Outside of the classroom, Philip is a part-time adventurer, divemaster, gamer, photographer and web developer. He loves spending time with his friends and is blessed with a phenomenal wife (who is also a special educator) and two mischievous dogs. Priscilla Leighton Brent International School Manila Priscilla Leighton is a special education leader who advocates for inclusion and putting kids first. Her adventure in the world of special education began in California, where she worked as a Resource Specialist for seven years. Priscilla moved overseas in 2013, after earning her Master’s Degree in Special Education. She is currently a Middle and High School Student Services Coordinator and serves on the Special Education Network and Inclusion Association (SENIA) Executive Board. Priscilla enjoys whisking her husband and two daughters away to travel the world and scuba dive whenever possible. Jacob Ortwein International School Bangkok Jacob was trained as an architect but turned to education mid-career to guide future generations of learners to impact their world. As a design, robotics, engineering educator his goals are to engage students in meaningful learning experiences to promote lifelong learning with creativity and innovation. As a leader, he practices building strong community relationships with students, parents, and colleagues through communication and organization. He enjoys being creative in the workshop and the great outdoors. Jerome (Jay) Lingo American International School of Johannesburg Jerome Lingo, MS. Ed., is a learning support teacher advocating for students' needs around the world. Currently, he is working as a middle school learning support teacher in American International School of Johannesburg. Prior to that he was teaching in the International School of Tanganyika, built the first intensive needs program in South America in Academia Cotopaxi, Ecuador and spent seven years in International School Manila in the middle school learning support department. One of the first MARIO Framework adopters, he takes pride in his students' achievements and students' ownership of learning that transcends beyond the learning support classes. Frankie Garbutt St George’s British International School Frankie was brought up bilingually speaking German and English in Germany. Her higher education allowed her to complete degrees in teaching English Studies and History in Germany and the U.K. She completed a MEd in Teaching Studies with a focus on teaching literacy and quickly became a SENCo. Frankie wears many hats and has worked as a Safeguarding Lead trainer, Boarding house tutor, classroom teacher, learning support teacher , SENCo and DSL. Her wide range of interests and responsibilities allow her to effectively support both students and teachers. Apply to Become an Innovator
  • Our Name

    We help middle and high school learning support teachers build forward thinking classrooms that are Measured, Ambitious, Research-Based, Personalized, and structured around One-to-One learning

  • Our Mission

    To help special education teachers build and improve holistic and personalized learning support classes that are structured around one-to-one learning and lead to measurable success

  • Our Vision

    A learning support community leveraging the power of shared and curated resources to support our students and each other

  • Our Classrooms

    Build relationships, improve students’ self-awareness, self-management, self-efficacy, self-advocacy, and self-esteem

“I love this class, it’s perfect!”

High School Student @ International School Bangkok

“I believe that the (MARIO) program is a massive help to students who struggle to fit into the system and I am truly thankful for all the support it’s given me over the years.”

High School Student @ International School Bangkok

“I now know the importance of self-advocacy and have learned how to become a self-advocate.”

High School Student @ International School Bangkok

“It enables me to reflect on where I am and what I need to improve.”

High School Student @ International School Bangkok

“The one to one session really allows for an opening of another perspective into what you are currently going through in life and it really helps.”

High School Student @ International School Bangkok

“I am so thankful! I wouldn’t be the self-reflective person I am today if it wasn’t for Intensive Studies class (a MARIO Class)”

High School Student @ International School Bangkok

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Consulting Opportunities Hire Philip to work with you and your team Driving Change Together Benefit from experience and leadership as you pilot the
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Philip is available to work with your team to build a sustainable MARIO classroom that is designed for your unique context. He is also comfortable delivering thought-provoking keynotes on the future of learning support classes and mentoring strategies that actually work. Rather than facilitating one-time events, Philip prefers establishing relationships that last. Learn More
Join The Team Help Drive the Future of Learning Support Take a Leading Role Make a difference The MARIO Framework is in need of both teachers to pilot the program at their schools and leaders to improve and add to the framework. Early Adopters will pilot the framework, while asking and answering questions to measure and improve its effectiveness. Innovators will act as the MARIO Framework's executive board. This year, Innovators are focused on getting the word out and sharing the MARIO Framework with learning support teachers everywhere. Become an Innovator Become an Early Adopter