We believe that one-to-one conversations are the key to unlocking student potential and creating self-directed learners.

While working as a special education teacher at International School Bangkok, founder Philip Bowman saw the need for a new paradigm in special education. He was inspired to create an innovative approach based on one-to-one sessions, which led to remarkable advances in his students. From Philip’s classroom came the MARIO Framework.
The MARIO Framework is now a comprehensive system of flexible modules that empowers teachers to build their own living and evolving program specifically designed for their context. We know one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work in education and recognize the importance of highlighting best practices while building teacher and student efficacy.
The MARIO Framework is quickly being adopted by premier institutions around the world, currently reaching over fifteen countries. As it grows, the MARIO Framework is constantly evolving to take into account best practices in education as well as new interdisciplinary insights.


To support and empower MARIO Educators, we’ve developed robust professional learning courses and software built by a team of expert special educators located around the world. Our innovative courses utilize original videos, curated research, in-depth guidebooks, inquiry-based discussions, personalized learning projects, one-to-one learning conversations, and ongoing evaluation and feedback. Our software redefines what special education is capable of.


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We are committed to improving education and refuse to cut corners when it comes to delivering the best in professional learning. With Universal Design for Learning in our DNA, we provide a personalized experience that is accessible and meaningful to all. Evidence-based practices are paired with rich content, the best in educational technology, and one-to-one learning conversations with experts in the field.

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Take professional learning further. Our world-class courses teach educators and assistants how to leverage the MARIO Approach and build a MARIO classroom. Our software empowers learners and makes implementation of the MARIO Framework easier and more effective.

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